Video Brochure

DMS PromoStation is proud to present the Video Brochure; a fusion of Print & Video Technology that offers engaging and interactive communication.

We are all familiar with the impact that the Audio greeting card had when it first hit the shelves with a pre-recorded sound that comes to life when you open the card.

Now, you not only get an audio message, but a rich digital-media visual experience too! Consider how much more effective this would be for your brand message!

Our Video Brochure delivers a high impact audio-visual presentation that really makes an impression. There are a whole host of potential applications from marketing, direct mail, film promotion, luxury item and much more.

Marketing / Promotion Brochures:

Great at press launches or to invite key clients to see your new product or service in a creative and engaging way.

Luxury item brochure:

When you are selling a high value item, it is imperative that you portray the product /service with powerful communication delivered with impact.

Film / Music / Games promotion:

What better way to showcase new movies, or your show reel. This ensures that your target audience will see and experience your work in a way that other mediums cannot achieve.


Wow customers or prospects in the car showroom to help convince people to purchase, or as part of an after sales kit.

Corporate & Pharmaceutical:

An impressive way to market your company / products to key clients / prospects. Updating clients with new drugs or legislation changes.

Point of Sales:

To maximise the impact and really turn heads in the retail environment. Our device offers a cost effective solution as the non-stop in-store sales person.

How it works

The embedding of the video screens into print materials is achieved by using a custom designed micro-thin LCD and PCB that is uniquely assembled into the printed material or POS. The custom video player, screen and play options can be incorporated into a printed card folder or other similar printed collateral. There are a number of options for starting the video playback including a push button or using a slide tongue that automatically starts the video – similar to greetings cards. The electronics comes with an in-built memory that can be pre-loaded or be added to at a later point. The device is supplied with a lithium rechargeable battery that has approximately 60-90 minutes of play time and can be recharged via a micro-USB cable.

Technical Specifications

Built-in memory: 512MB as standard – approx. 60mins of video (depending on compression)

LCD: 3”, 3.5” or 4.3” as standard

Playback time: Typically 2 hours +

Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery

Screen resolution: 3” : 400 x 240

Movie Files: MPEG, MOV, AVI

Trigger: Slide tongue in the brochure or option of start button

Volume control: Available, additional feature

Viewing movies: Press button will stop previous version and start new one.

Recharging: Done via the USB cord that connects directly to your PC/MAC. Recharge time is approx. 3-4 hours

Transfer files: Simply place the files as you would an external storage device, connected via a USB cable.

Connection: High speed USB 2.0


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