Custom Stand Design and Build

The Benefits Of A Custom Made Stand Design

There is nothing more individual than a custom designed exhibition stand. Because the stand is specific to your needs, it will certainly be unique and stand out at a show. Custom made stands are usually constructed from wood, metal, or composite materials. It is possible to create anything you might want, from marble floor to double-story structures.

In case you have your own designs and are looking for a reputable contractor to build your exhibition stand, just give us a call on the number above or fill in the form on the right and we will be happy to provide you with our best quotation.

Our professional services include

  • FREE unique design conceptualization and development
  • Stand fabrication and delivery
  • Installation and dismantling
  • Project management
  • Booking of electricity for your stand and any additional service you might require
  • Liaising with the event organizers

Unique Products

Video Brochure

3D Virtual Mannequin


Promotional Products

DMS PromoStation offers the largest selection of the most innovative and cost effective promotional gifts for your meeting, event, branding, and trade show needs. Give us a call today and one of our Expert Account Managers will assist you in finding the perfect promotional solution for all of your marketing needs.

Truss Systems Rental

The two ways to utilize Truss Systems is to either use them as specific components of an exhibition stand and stage set up or as a complete display and stand made completely of the truss system.

The truss system goes up easily, is stable structurally, sturdy enough to withstand heavy paneling and hanging products and visually appealing.
It’s just perfect to hang, drape or display your products, graphic panels and LCD monitors.

  • Another reason why truss is perfect is their physical appeal – their metallic steely structure is futuristic enough to look modern yet functional in all ways.
  • Exhibition truss systems are an easy, convenient and quick way to set up professional and visually attractive exhibition stand. With the right graphics and exhibit work, any exhibition stand will look unique, while maintaining its appeal to the general public.
  • Truss components provide the building blocks for a limitless number of variations. Truss components are usually round, box-shape, triangular, or flat pieces designed for an easy assembly process. Truss pieces are constructed of durable steel or composite material and are capable of supporting heavier items such as monitors, lights, or even marketing collateral.

Audio / Video & Furniture Rental

We have all the necessary things you might require for your exhibition stand.

You can rent:

  • Plasma, LCD and LED screens
  • Truss system
  • Coffee and bar tables
  • Chairs, bar stools, sofas
  • Brochure holders
  • Glass display towers
  • Acrylic displays for leaflets (different formats)
  • Business card holders
  • Lockable acrylic suggestion boxes or business card boxes

Dismantling & Storage

Installation & Dismantling

Do you have a fabricated stand you want to use for a specific exhibition? Are you looking for a trusted local company who can install it for you? Email us your stand design specifications and working drawings to get a quotation fast. Then ship it to the exhibition you’re attending and we will install it for you.

We will give you our best price for:

Stand Storage & Re-Use

Let us help you to save money and time! Store your exhibition stand with us after an event so you can use it again for future shows. We do all the necessary refurbishments where necessary and it will look like new again and cost you so much less.

We will gladly: